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Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One

Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One

Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One

The cool new Shoot N Shake is an ingenious little scooper with a built-in funnel allowing you to easily scoop up and dispense powders, baby formulas, coffee, and more without the mess. For example, to make a flavored or protein drink, just scoop up the powder, position over a water bottle, release the lever on the funnel, shake it up, and enjoy. It's also very convenient for filling up reusable single-serve coffee cups without spilling coffee everywhere. Handy solution.

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  • Scoop powders, coffee, and more, then release the lever to funnel it through
  • Perfect for flavored drinks, protein formulas, pre-workout drinks, baby formula, coffee, and more
  • Package comes with two sizes: 30 and 50cc
  • No more dirty Shaker Bottles to take home to clean
  • Prevents Spills - No more sticky powders on the counter
  • Can be used with almost any powdered drink supplement
  • Virtually the same size as the standard scoops

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