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Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One

Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One

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The cool new Shoot N Shake is an ingenious little scooper with a built-in funnel allowing you to easily scoop up and dispense powders, baby formulas, coffee, and more without the mess. For example, to make a flavored or protein drink, just scoop up the powder, position over a water bottle, release the lever on the funnel, shake it up, and enjoy. It's also very convenient for filling up reusable single-serve coffee cups without spilling coffee everywhere. Handy solution.

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Philips Pasta Maker
Make your very own fresh pasta in a variety of shapes at home in about 15 minutes.
Orbit Oil And Vinegar Double-Layered Bubble Cruet
A space-saving double-layered cruet that holds six ounces of oil in the outer bubble and two ounces of dark, contrasting vinegar in the inner bubble.
Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer
If you're worthy enough to lift this mighty meat tenderizing hammer, you'll be able to beat meat in the kitchen with the power of a superhero god.
Manual Coffeemaker Glass No. 2 - Sculptural Single Serve Pour-Over Coffee Brewer
A handcrafted pour-over coffee brewer that also doubles as sculptural decor on your kitchen countertop.
Hotman Trivet - Holds Up Hot Pots
According to Greek mythology, Atlas had the burden of holding the weight of the world upon his shoulders and today the cool new Hotman Trivet has the burden of holding up all of your heavy scalding hot pots and pans off the counter.
Pie Crust Bag - Roll Dough Inside For Perfect Sized Crusts
Just slide some floured pie dough into this clear plastic pastry bag, get out a rolling pin, and quickly and easily flatten it down into perfect 10-14 inch diameter circles without any hassle or mess.
Spaghetti Measure
Innovative portion control tool easily measures out spaghetti for 1-4 servings in half-portion increments
Prepara Evak - Push Down Air-Removing Food Storage Jars
High quality borosilicate glass jars with push down lids that eliminate excess air to help your food inside stay fresher longer.
Eva Solo Self-Contained Grating Bucket
A bucket-shaped stainless steel kitchen grater that keeps the gratings of cheese, vegetables, and more self-contained inside on the bottom instead of all over your countertop.

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Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One
Classic beechwood pasta server with a twist!
Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One
This razor sharp Japanese steak knife folds away into itself like a pocketknife and stores away inside a leather sheath to compactly store away in your pocket or purse.
Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One
A whimsical yet elegant swan-shaped ladle that magically floats around upright on top of a pot of soup, a punch bowl, gravies, sauces, and more.
Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One
Scoop, strain and pour with this all-in-one kitchen gadget.
Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One
Finger chopsticks for active snackers that like to munch on messy potato chips, popcorn, and cheese puffs while reading, gaming, or staring at phones.
Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One
These ingenious chopsticks are hollow inside with straw-like openings at one end and little filtering holes at the pointy end to suck up the tasty broth in a more civilized manner.
Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One
This whimsical leaf-shaped loose leaf tea infuser gently floats on the surface of a cup of hot water as it steeps.
Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One
Put down the machete and use this dedicated nonstick melon slicing blade!
Shoot N Shake - Scoop and Funnel All-in-One
The first nutcracker for instantly popping open problematic pistachio shells.

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