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Acorn Twine Holder

Acorn Twine Holder

Acorn Twine Holder

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Whenever I need twine while cooking in the kitchen or for some other household task, I have no idea where I last put it and end up having to buy more. Somewhere in the house is a giant unused ball of twine surrounded by pens, lighters and other items forever lost in time or deliberately hidden there by the evil cat. Well, if you use twine fairly regularly, then keep it handily on display where you can find it with this cool new Acorn Twine Holder. This Italian-made polished alder-wood twine holder is shaped like a little acorn and includes 76 yards of sturdy linen twine that won't turn brown or char in a hot oven. It features an inner catch that stops twine from falling back inside holder and a locking system keeps holder securely shut. A perfect decorative solution.

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