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Ratio Eight - Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Machine

Ratio Eight - Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Machine

Ratio Eight - Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Machine

There have been many, many ways to brew coffee over the years, but if you enjoy the pour-over method like you get at your local coffeehouse and wish you had a barista at home to do it for you, well, you almost get that level of service with this cool new Ratio Eight Coffee Machine. This innovative coffee machine is inspired by pour-over coffee making, which helps to release more flavor from the coffee grounds for a richer, bolder taste, but automatically does it for you... in total style.

Designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon, this luxurious coffee machine is constructed from sleek die-cast aluminum, has gorgeous hardwood accents, and has a carafe and water reservoir made from borosilicate glass. In fact, the water itself never touches any plastic in the brewing process. To use, simply insert a conical paper filter or a permanent stainless steel filter in the neck of the carafe, insert your fresh ground coffee, and turn the machine on. The first stage is called bloom, where hot water between 195° and 205° is released slowly through a showerhead flow to precisely saturate the grounds just like a manual pour and even waits until the bubbles settle. The next step is the brew stage where the rest of the water is released and the brewed coffee begins to flow into the carafe... and that's it. It brews up to 8 cups at a time, has a powerful 1600 watt heating element, and uses a magnetic sensor in the base to stop brewing if the carafe is removed AKA it won't brew all over your counter.

As far as coffee makers go, this minimalist machine is flat out gorgeous in a minimalist way, which also makes it the only downside. You're going to need a new kitchen to go with it.

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  • Luxurious automatic coffee machine inspired by pour-over coffee making
  • Brewing not too hot or cold, consistently delivers water between 195° and 205° - ideal temperature range to release coffee's flavorful oils
  • Showerhead design saturates coffee grounds with the precision of manual pours
  • Bloom cycle: allows bubbly interaction to settle down before delivering the rest of the hot water
  • Turns off to ensure that the coffee never overheats and becomes bitter
  • Magnetic sensor in the carafe base stops brewing if carafe removed (won't brew all over your counter)
  • Die-cast aluminum with black satin ceramic finish with hardwood accents
  • Hardwood accents
  • Borosilicate glass carafe and reservoir
  • Accommodates conical paper filters (such as the Chemex paper filters) or a permanent stainless filter
  • 1,600 watt heating element
  • Brews 8 cups
  • Bloom cycle and automatic shut-off
  • Hand wash carafe
  • Designed, assembled and tested in Portland, Oregon USA

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