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Bob Ross Toaster - Toasts His Face Onto Your Toast

Bob Ross Toaster - Toasts His Face Onto Your Toast

Bob Ross Toaster - Toasts His Face Onto Your Toast


"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents." - Bob Ross

If you find the soothing voice of television's greatest instructional painter Bob Ross to be calming and therapeutic as you learn to paint happy little trees with him on The Joy of Painting reruns, then start your morning with a happy little smile with this cool new Bob Ross Toaster. I don't know what Bob Ross has to do with small appliances, but this fun toaster toasts Bob's iconic smiling face and hairdo onto two slices of bread at a time. Now if you do burn the toast, don't worry, it's just a happy little accident. Makes a great gift for any Bob Ross fan.

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  • Celebrate the joy of breakfast with a glowing smile and a halo of seventies hair with the Bob Ross Toaster
  • Toasts Bob's Iconic Face onto Your Toast
  • Make happy little toast at home
  • A fun way to start your morning
  • Two-slot toaster has reheat, defrost and quick stop functions
  • Adjustable thermostat with an automatic manual switch-off
  • Drop bread into the slots, press the lever, and before you know it, up pops toast with Bob Ross's smiling face and distinctive hairdo

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