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Star Wars Death Star - Handmade Prop Replica

Star Wars Death Star - Handmade Prop Replica

That's no moon on your desk, it's a space station/paperweight! This cool new Star Wars Death Star is a gigantic handmade prop replica of the original completed Death Star from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope that spans nearly 20 inches in diameter. It features movie accurate hand-punched windows illuminated by tiny LEDs on the inside and is constructed from polystyrene, acrylic paint, silicone, and plastic. Not sure if the exhaust port in the trench is included, but it does have the giant radar dish laser cannon (non-working for obvious planetary safety reasons). Hmm, now someone needs to make a highly detailed 3D printed replica of the incomplete Death Star II from Return of the Jedi. Check out this VIDEO to see a bit more of it.

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