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$50,000 Tree Sculpture by Roderick Romero

$50,000 Tree Sculpture by Roderick Romero

$50,000 Tree Sculpture by Roderick Romero

After seeing that I can buy a Custom Adult Treehouse from the new Neiman Marcus Christmas Book for a staggering $50,0000, I decided to take a trip back to my old treehouse I built when I was 7.

Amazingly, my construction skills as a child were superb, it was still there, high up in the treetops! Although it looked like it had been recently taken over by psychotic squirrels, it was fun to reminisce on all the epic adventures I had as a kid up in that old tree. $50,000 can't bring back priceless memories of carefree times, but if I had that kind of money I would probably spend just a bit more and have Green Head HQ converted to an entire Ewok village amongst the trees. Now that would be cool.

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