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Etazin - Gyroscopic Spinning Hammock / Outdoor Sculpture

Etazin - Gyroscopic Spinning Hammock / Outdoor Sculpture

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This cool new Etazin is a stunning gyroscopic spinning hammock constructed from massive steel rings that also doubles as an outdoor sculpture when not in use. This unique interactive outdoor swiveling lounge chair consists of a stationary 8 foot tall outer ring, two inner rings that freely spin in either direction, and five outdoor cushions on the center ring for lounging upon. A truly sculptural way to experience 360 degree views while enjoying a relaxing afternoon out in the great outdoors.

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Etazin - Gyroscopic Spinning Hammock / Outdoor Sculpture
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Etazin - Gyroscopic Spinning Hammock / Outdoor Sculpture
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Etazin - Gyroscopic Spinning Hammock / Outdoor Sculpture
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Etazin - Gyroscopic Spinning Hammock / Outdoor Sculpture
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Etazin - Gyroscopic Spinning Hammock / Outdoor Sculpture
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Etazin - Gyroscopic Spinning Hammock / Outdoor Sculpture
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Etazin - Gyroscopic Spinning Hammock / Outdoor Sculpture
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Etazin - Gyroscopic Spinning Hammock / Outdoor Sculpture
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Etazin - Gyroscopic Spinning Hammock / Outdoor Sculpture
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