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Lifesize Zombie Garden Sculpture

Lifesize Zombie Garden Sculpture

Lifesize Zombie Garden Sculpture

The Lifesize Zombie Garden Sculpture AKA the Zombie of Montclaire Moors Sculpture should provide more than enough fun both in and out of the garden. This scary undead zombie will look great crawling out of the Earth in your garden, reaching out from under your neighbor's lawn or just in front of a headstone at the local cemetary!

It was designed by British artist Alan Dickinson and cast in a durable quality resin with a realistic gray-toned finish. It features lifelike, er soulless eyes, and a horrifically detailed expression that looks like it really wants to claw it's way out, dismember your body and eat your brains slowly.

It's a great spooky prop for Halloween, a little creative landscaping or just for some twisted and macabre fun! Let us know in the Comments if you can think of any other creative uses for an unstoppable and very undead corpse statue!

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