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The Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera

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The Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera

The utterly cool new Octopus Chair is a monstrous cephalopod-inspired tentacled throne by Spanish artist Maximo Riera that is sure to cause jaws to drop in sheer awe or in a terrified scream. This luxuriously eccentric chair combines a lavish black leather upholstered dining chair with a stunning inky black sculptural octopus backing with massive tentacles that reach out almost 5 feet. These chairs are being produced in extremely limited numbers and are hand-built by a team of over thirty professionals, overseen by Riera himself. If you're not too afraid, have an overly-interesting decorative sense and plenty of money to burn, then you can command a lurking throne that King Neptune himself would be envious of.


  • Designer: Spanish artist Maximo Riera
  • Monstrous mashup of an opulent dining chair and an inky black leviathan
  • Chair is upholstered in luxurious black leather
  • First in a series of animal-inspired chairs by the artist
  • Created from compressed foam sections that are then attached and painted by hand to create the intricate details
  • Tentacles extend to 1.5 metres behind the chair
  • Each chair is hand-built by a team of over thirty professionals, overseen by Riera himself
  • Produced in very limited numbers

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