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LEGO Concorde - 2,083 Pieces!

LEGO Concorde - 2,083 Pieces!

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It's strange that we're now well into the 21st century and haven't had supersonic commercial passenger air travel capabilities since the Concorde retired the service way back in 2003. The Concorde was able to take off at 250 mph, reach speeds up to 1,350 mph (twice the speed of current commercial passenger jets and twice the speed of sound), cruise at 60,000 feet up, and fly from London to New York in under a spirited 3.5 hours instead of the utterly boring 8. Sure it created noisy sonic booms, but it was an engineering, performance, and design marvel that was clearly ahead of its time. Well, we might not be able to travel around the planet commercially in record time anymore, but we can still admire the Concorde for what it was with this cool new yet quite 1969-inspired LEGO Icons - Concorde.

This massive 42" long LEGO building set lets you construct your very own scaled-down version of the iconic, supersonic Concorde from plastic bricks... 2,083 of them. It features the famous tilt-able droop nose and visor for extra visibility during landings, functioning landing gear, a retractable tail bumper wheel, the powerful Olympus engines, and the sleek delta wing design. It's still hard to believe this aircraft was designed back in the 1960s and still looks futuristic to this day.

Check out the videos below to learn more about this LEGO model and about the Concorde itself, which is still quite fascinating.

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LEGO Concorde - 2,083 Pieces!
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LEGO Concorde - 2,083 Pieces!
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LEGO Concorde - 2,083 Pieces!
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LEGO Concorde - 2,083 Pieces!
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LEGO Concorde - 2,083 Pieces!
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LEGO Concorde - 2,083 Pieces!
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LEGO Concorde - 2,083 Pieces!
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LEGO Concorde - 2,083 Pieces!
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LEGO Concorde - 2,083 Pieces!
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