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Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture

Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture

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If you've always wanted a yellow Chevy Camaro or a giant sentient alien robot in disguise from planet Cybertron posing on your front lawn, now you can have both with this cool new yet quite 1980's-inspired Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture from Metal Art Productions. This stunning indoor / outdoor statue of Bumblebee, the little brother to the Autobots and oldest friend of Optimus Prime, is handcrafted by artisans in the UK from welded recycled metal parts. It's perfect for showing criminals and Decepticons that you take home security very seriously, home theaters, game rooms, man caves, proper supervillain lairs, and more. Matching life-sized Optimus Prime sold separately and it does not transform back into a classic muscle car... or a Volkswagen Beetle.

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Giant Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket
This massive sculpture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or possibly even a dragon foot has an opening on top with a removable bucket allowing it to be used as a waste basket, an umbrella or cane holder (esp. a cane with a prehistoric mosquito encased in amber on top), an epic planter for growing plants or flowers in, or anything you wish.
Hansa Animatronic Singing Polar Bear Statue
This holiday season, coming straight down from the North Pole to croon some classic Christmas tunes to you and your family is none other than this cool new Massive Animatronic Singing Polar Bear Statue from Hansa Toys.
Giant Outdoor Anaconda
This gigantic three piece fanged serpent stakes down into the lawn to create the illusion of a fearsome anaconda slithering through. To make it even more terrifying, its eyes have LEDs in them that light up for a little nighttime fun.
Medieval Suit of Armor Bar and Drink Server
Do you know what's cooler than having a full-sized medieval suit of armor statue in your home? A medieval suit of armor that secretly hides and guards a mini bar inside its chest!
Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts
Have you always wished that you could carry a complaining dismantled droid around on your back? Now you can!
Gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Statue
Want to attract endless selfie snappers to your business, terrify everyone playing miniature golf, or just really tie your home's boring landscaping together?
Mr. Bones - Lifesize Outdoor Skeleton
This realistic lifesize skeleton may look like it was dug up and dragged from the grave to be put on display in or around your home this Halloween, but you'll have to pay for this one unless you have an eager to please humpbacked assistant with a shovel.
Life-Size Animated Grinch
This cool new Life-Sized Animated Grinch stands 5.5 feet tall, comes dressed in a soft, plush Santa suit and when it detects motion or a button is pushed, it sings the You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch song, speaks famous Grinch phrases, turns his head, and sways his hips from side to side.
Star Wars R2-D2 Lifesize Vintage Kenner Monument Action Figure
Yep, a mint condition vintage Kenner R2-D2 action figure has been digitally scanned and fully replicated as a 3.5 foot tall version featuring articulated arms and a vac-metal dome head that actually clicks when you turn it, just like the original.

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Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture
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Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture
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Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture
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Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture
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Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture
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Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture
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Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture
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Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture
Add a whimsical, decorative touch to your living room, animation studio, castle, or theme park office with this double-take-inducing, sculptural coffee table.
Life-Sized Transformers Bumblebee Metal Sculpture
At first glance, this modern Italian bar cart looks like a large geometric polyhedron set upon a splayed tripod base with caster wheels, but has three hinged sections that open out like a flower to reveal smoked mirror surfaces and a deep well to store bottles.

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