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Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters

Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters

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If you watch the Showtime TV show Dexter, then you know how this lovable serial killer likes to keep a drop of each victim's blood on a glass slide as a trophy, all stored neatly inside a wooden box hidden inside his air conditioner. Well, now you can be a copycat serial neat freak with these cool new Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters. This set of six clear, acrylic coasters look like microscope slides with each one imprinted with a hopefully replicated blood splatter of one of his kills, all stored inside a slotted wooden case that you can also keep hidden inside your air conditioner. It's definitely much easier to protect your table from condensation rings and spills with these than having to hang up sheets of plastic everywhere!

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Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters
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Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters
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Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters
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Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters
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