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Clumsy Coasters - Protect a Table With a Fake Spill

Clumsy Coasters - Protect a Table With a Fake Spill

When you have to visit a home full of "coaster people", you know, insane people who absolutely flip out, scream and cry if you set down a beverage without a coaster, well you need to bring Clumsy Coasters to have a little fun with them. When they aren't looking, set down your vodka tonic on a Clumsy Coaster, which looks exactly like a clear liquid fake spill and wait for the fun. Soon you will be the center of attention as the coaster people reveal themselves, erupt into a screaming mess of tears and anger, pointing and accusing, only to realize that their precious table was protected all along and they are exposed for the uptight weirdos they truly are.

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