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Peugeot Whisky Tasting Glass With Chilling Base

Peugeot Whisky Tasting Glass With Chilling Base

Peugeot Whisky Tasting Glass With Chilling Base

This cool new Peugeot Impitoyable is a whisky tasting glass shaped like a wider version of the classic Glencairn glass with a chillable metal base that properly chills down the drink without dilution. The shape of this unique tasting glass helps isolate the aromas of the whisky to also help open up the flavor, while it also prevents the alcohol vapors from reaching the nose. The glass rests upon a metal chilling base that is placed in the freezer hours prior to use and helps keep the drink chilled for up to 30 minutes. The set also includes a stylish leather coaster to rest it all upon. Makes a great gift for whisky connoisseurs.

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  • Glass will reveal the most sublime notes from a wide range of liqueurs including Whisky, Cognac, Armagnac and Rum
  • Clever metal cooling base is designed to chill the spirit for at least 30 min. and prevent temperature shocks from ice or cold water
  • Leave the metal base in the freezer for a few hours before using
  • Includes: One Whisky Glass, One Chilling Base, One Coaster
  • Smaller tapered opening allows for an increased concentration of the scents of the whisky
  • No need for water to open up the whisky
  • Curves help release the subtle aromas while the central dome divides the liquor and prevents an overpowering elevation of alcohol vapors to the nose
  • Use: the pour of whisky should be lower than the central dome
  • Capacity: 3 fl. oz
  • Size: 4" Diameter x 4.25" H

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