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TableCoaster - Ultimate Anti-Spill Drink Holder

TableCoaster - Ultimate Anti-Spill Drink Holder

TableCoaster - Ultimate Anti-Spill Drink Holder

A typical coaster may protect your tabletop finish from condensation rings, but it doesn't offer any protection from catastrophic spills caused by clumsy guests, wild children, curious cats, and possibly even yourself. This cool new TableCoaster is the better solution. Combining the best of a cupholder and a coaster, this innovative one-size fits all, anti-spill drink-holding device secures down to smooth surfaces with a strong micro-suction base and leaves behind no residue when moved. It supports coffee mugs and tumblers up to 3.5" wide, includes a convenient slot for cup handles, and has a removable adapter for holding bottles and cans as well. Perfect for coffee tables, dining tables, boats, RVs, desktops, nightstands, patio furniture, or, again, anytime you'll be drinking with an evil cat nearby. Also be sure to check out the equally cool CouchCoaster as well.

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  • One-size fits all drink holder
  • Micro-suction base creates a strong, temporary bond to flat, smooth surfaces like glass, plastic, metal and wood - leaves no residue
  • Outer wall deflects outside forces down to the base instead of side to side, ensuring drinks stay upright
  • Holds mugs, tumblers, bottles, and cans up to 3.5" wide for hot and cold drinks
  • Re-use over and over again without losing any stick power
  • Supports mugs and tumblers up to 3.5" wide (includes a clever slot for cup handles)
  • Adapter creates a snug fit for bottles and cans up to 2.75" wide
  • Use on desks, around technology, bedside, coffee and kitchen tables, in boats, cars and RVs, on garden furniture, or around pets
  • Anti-spill technology
  • Adjustable holder
  • Low center of gravity

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