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Bamboo Drink Coasters

Bamboo Drink Coasters

Bamboo Drink Coasters

If you're a regular fellow Green Head reader, you know how much I dislike "coaster people". Those crazy homeowners who absolutely freak out and throw coasters at people when they are about to set a drink down on their precious coffee tables. I do, however, love drink coasters and their incredibly wonderful water mark protective service they provide to tables everywhere, but come on, these people... anyways...

Check out these really cool new Bamboo Drink Coasters! These "unique spun bamboo coasters are the result of a process involving the splitting of bamboo canes, sporadically painting the pieces, and then wrapping them into circular shapes". These come in a set of 4 and are available in green, red or black colors.


  • Set of 4
  • Colors available: green, red, or black
  • Materials: 100% bamboo
  • 4" diameter

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