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Great Coaster - All-Terrain Coaster / Cupholder

Great Coaster - All-Terrain Coaster / Cupholder

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Regular coasters are perfect for preventing spills, drips, and condensation on flat surfaces, but these cool new Great Coasters are all-terrain coaster / cupholders designed to keep drinks stable on uneven surfaces like sandy beaches, grass, snow, carpeting, and more. Perfect for holding cans, bottles, cups, and snacks at the beach, picnics, backyard BBQs, poolside, and sporting events. They come in a set of six in multiple colors and are made in the USA, where we can never have enough cupholders indoors or out.

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Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters
It's much easier to protect your table from condensation rings and spills with these than having to hang up sheets of plastic everywhere!
Cinnamon Bark Coasters
Aromatic and rustic coasters handmade in Bali, Indonesia from locally harvested cinnamon bark!
Scented Drink Warming Coasters
Keep your coffee or tea hot all while filling your home or office with the aromas of either cinnamon and cloves or coffee beans when you set your mug upon one of these cool new Scented Drink Warming Coasters.
Clumsy Coasters - Protect a Table With a Fake Spill
When you have to visit a home full of coaster people, you know, insane people who absolutely flip out, scream and cry if you set down a beverage without a coaster, well you need to bring Clumsy Coasters to have a little fun with them. When they aren't looking, set down your vodka tonic on a Clumsy Coaster, which looks exactly like a clear liquid fake spill and wait for the fun. Soon you will be the center of attention as the coaster people reveal themselves, erupt into a screaming mess of tears and anger, pointing and accusing, only to realize that their precious table was protected all along and they are exposed for the uptight weirdos they truly are.
Industrial Wine Bottle Coasters
Present your favorite wine bottles in style and prevent leaving stained rings beneath them in between pours when you set them in these cool new Industrial Wine Bottle Coasters.
Kentucky Double Cigar Ashtray and Whiskey Coaster
When you finally find the time to relax and enjoy life while sipping a generous pour of fine whisk(e)y and puffing on a great cigar, you might want this cool new Kentucky Double Cigar Ashtray and Whiskey Coaster beside you.
Concave Bamboo Coasters
Add a touch of eco-friendly flair to your decor and protect your tabletops from menacing condensation when you set your drinks upon these cool new concave bamboo drink coasters!
Water Absorbent Concrete Coaster
These heavy duty coasters are made from cement combined with non-toxic recycled ash to make them ultra water-absorbent and heavy enough to prevent them from sticking to your glass.
Wooden coasters With Built-in Bottle Openers
These rustic coasters are handcrafted from wood and have handy built-in bottle openers underneath.

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Great Coaster - All-Terrain Coaster / Cupholder
Just pour a glass of hot milk and drop in one of these hot cocoa bombs (or pour it over them). The hot milk will melt down the luxury handmade Belgian chocolate ball exterior to release the tasty mini marshmallows hidden within.
Great Coaster - All-Terrain Coaster / Cupholder
Did you know that drinking coconut water is not only good for you, but is a more effective and natural way to rehydrate and replenish your body than most sports drinks?
Great Coaster - All-Terrain Coaster / Cupholder
This handy device chills down cans of beer and soda from room temperature to icy cold in only 60 seconds - 240x faster than putting it in the fridge.
Want to sip on something sweet this holiday season that's also kind of disturbing? Then drop this cute little Trader Joe's Hot Cocoa Snowman into a warm milk bath until he melts away and becomes a tasty mug of decadent hot cocoa with marshmallows... just hope that he doesn't magically come to life and start singing!
Great Coaster - All-Terrain Coaster / Cupholder
It combines the smoky, salty, and savory meatiness of a convenience store hot dog with refreshing sparkling water.
Great Coaster - All-Terrain Coaster / Cupholder
When it's a great time for a cold one, but you forgot to cool them, chill it down in only 60 seconds with this One Minute Beverage Chiller.
Great Coaster - All-Terrain Coaster / Cupholder
A luxurious tea gift set from Korea with a trio of natural floral teas that include whimsical paper butterflies that sit atop the edge of a teacup.
Great Coaster - All-Terrain Coaster / Cupholder
Extract and dispense a high-volume of 100% pure juice from fruits like grapes, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, and more using the simple power of steam.
Great Coaster - All-Terrain Coaster / Cupholder
Introducing, the all-new limited edition 2007 Jones Soda - Christmas + Chanukah Packs, just in time for the holidays!

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