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Kangaroo Cup - Stackable Anti-Spill Coffee Cups

Kangaroo Cup - Stackable Anti-Spill Coffee Cups

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The cool new Kangaroo Cup is a unique stackable ceramic coffee mug with three leg handles that elevate the cup up above the surface to effectively prevent spills, maintain stability on uneven surfaces, and free you from annoying coasters. This super stable coffee cup was designed by a then 8 year old girl named Lily Born who wanted to invent a tip-resistant cup for her grandfather suffering from Parkinson's Disease and others with mobility issues, which is great, but it's also perfect for accident-prone kids and adults alike as well, especially in an office setting. In addition to its anti-spill design with multi-grip handles, it also stacks compactly with other Kangaroo Cups to save valuable shelf space and is available in unbreakable plastic as well.

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