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To-Go Paper Coffee Cup Warmer

To-Go Paper Coffee Cup Warmer

To-Go Paper Coffee Cup Warmer

If you don't enjoy sipping cold coffee on the go, then keep it hot all the time with this cool new Rechargeable To-Go Cup Warmer. This miniature, cordless cup warmer snugly fits beneath most to-go paper coffee cups from home or coffee shops and can reach temperatures up to 200 degrees F in just seconds. Just press your paper coffee cup down over it and its top aluminum plate transfers heat to the beverage so your drink stays hot for twice as long. I guess it could eventually pay for itself with all the saved coffee you now don't have to pour out. ☕️🔥

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  • Rechargeable To-Go Cup Warmer
  • Pocket-sized heating device that fits seamlessly under your paper coffee cup
  • Press your cup on top to maintain the temperature of your coffee or tea on the go
  • Fits snugly under most to-go cups
  • Use it at your desk as a heated coaster
  • Rapid heating technology works in seconds
  • Reaches temperatures of up to 200° F
  • Top aluminum plate transfers heat to the beverage, without touching your drink
  • Keep your drinks hot for twice as long
  • Smart-shutoff safety feature
  • Charges via USB

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