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Dragon Glassware Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses

Dragon Glassware Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses

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The double-wall insulated design of these quite futuristic Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses from Dragon Glassware not only looks cool, it helps keep martinis, mixed drinks, and other libations stay extra cool as well. This set of two double-walled glasses are crafted from crystal clear, lead free glass, hold up to 8 oz each, and are refrigerator and freezer safe. Perfect for sipping drinks now... or even in the 24th century.

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Bottle openers keep wandering off? This beer glass has two built-in stainless steel bottle openers on the bottom and side for opening both traditional caps and screw-tops.
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Dragon Glassware Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses
An oversized version of the iconic red party cup, except you wouldn't want to drink from this one.
Dragon Glassware Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses
These unique hand-blown glasses from Portugal have partially frosted sides evoking the ice crystals that form on windows.
Dragon Glassware Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses
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Dragon Glassware Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses
If sipping a martini like a human being proves to be too difficult, you're a clumsy party mingler, or have gone one too many sheets to the wind, then you may need this spill-preventing martini glass.
Dragon Glassware Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses
A white ceramic coffee mug with a simple, self-explanatory saying on its side that's in big bold black letters... Mug™.
Dragon Glassware Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses
Enjoy sipping frothy cappucinos in the morning from this cool new Cappucino Cup + Spoon set and when finished and cleaned, the stainless steel spoon stores in a little notch on top of the ceramic cup until the next brew.
Dragon Glassware Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses
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Dragon Glassware Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses
A set of four modern geometric beer glasses designed to compliment the flavor profiles of IPAs, Pilsners, Pints, and 12-ounce bottles along with boosting the carbonated effervescence as well.
Dragon Glassware Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses
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