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Inside-Out Champagne Flutes

Inside-Out Champagne Flutes

Inside-Out Champagne Flutes

Pop open a bottle of the bubbly and celebrate the New Year, a wedding, a victory, or anything by drinking from these cool new Inside-Out Champagne Flutes. The traditional Champagne flute design is now inside an outer tube crafted from double-walled glass that helps keep the Champagne inside extra crisp and cold and the outside condensation free. They come in a set of two. Cheers!

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  • Set of 2 Inside-Out Champagne Flutes
  • Double-walled glass
  • The double walled design ensures the bubbly stays crisp and cold, sip after sip, and remains condensation free
  • This beautiful concept is not only practical but a real conversation piece
  • Suitable for engraving
  • Measures 9" high - Holds 4 oz.

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