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Oak Tumbler - Adds Oak Aged Flavor to Bourbon or Wine

Oak Tumbler - Adds Oak Aged Flavor to Bourbon or Wine

Oak Tumbler - Adds Oak Aged Flavor to Bourbon or Wine

These cool new Oak Tumblers are handcrafted drinking vessels made from 100% American white oak that have charred interiors which help to impart more oak aged flavor and aroma to bourbon, wine, beer, cocktails, and more. Oak aged coffee anyone? To use, just pour in your beverage of choice and let it sit for a bit to begin the oak aging process - the longer you wait, the more it influences the drink. Then just give the tumbler a swirl and enjoy the enhanced flavor. The tumblers feature a stainless steel base, are charred on the inside to a medium level, and hold around 7 ounces. Makes a unique gift for any bourbon lover.

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  • Oak drinking vessel accelerates the traditional oak aging process
  • Allows anyone to customize their favorite whiskey, beer, wine or cocktails by infusing extravagant oak aged flavors and aroma in a matter of hours not years
  • Unique option for those who want instant oak aged gratification
  • Just pour in your favorite bourbon or wine, swirl and agitate the charred oak interior of the tumbler and you will instantly taste the difference
  • The more you swirl and longer you sip, the more the Oak Tumbler influences the drink inside
  • Works great for Bourbon, Wine, Beer, Coffee, Cocktails and more
  • Charred oak interior imparts oak aged taste and aroma on the contents
  • Handcrafted from 100% American White Oak
  • Stainless Steel Base
  • Charred inside to a medium level
  • Holds 200ml volume

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