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Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower

Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower

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"Aw, you should see what it looks like from out here!" - Mr. Parker (A Christmas Story)

If your home or dive bar's front window is missing that certain decorative something this holiday season, then you try buying (more like winning) this cool new yet quite retro-inspired Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower. On December 9, 2022 at 9:00 am CST, Miller High Life will be selling this ultra limited edition leg lamp / beer tower that's modeled after the Girl in the Moon logo's signature tall red boot and red-and-yellow stockings. This stunning leg lamp has battery-powered lights, has a fancy tasseled lampshade, sits atop a wooden base, and can dispense an entire six pack of The Champagne of Beers when used as a portable beer tower. It even gets delivered fully assembled in a FRAGILE shipping box! I'm sure it will sell out instantly, but if you're lucky enough to snag one, consider it a major award. Good luck!

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Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower
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Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower
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Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower
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Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower
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Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower
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Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower
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Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower
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Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower
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Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower
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