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Le Creuset Star Wars Porg Pie Bird

Le Creuset Star Wars Porg Pie Bird

Le Creuset Star Wars Porg Pie Bird

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When I travel to planet Ahch-To in the furthest regions of the galaxy, I prefer a nice roasted Porg alien bird for dinner, a Porg pie for dessert, and then washing it all down with green milk from a weird alien sea mammal. Now, I heard a rumor once while having a cocktail in a cantina on the Outer Rim that the secret to baking perfect Porg pies is simply to leave the head of one of these utterly annoying birds sticking up out of the crust while baking to help vent off excess moisture, keep the top crust elevated and extra crisp, and prevent any of the tasty Porg filling from bubbling over. It's true. All of it. However, here on Earth, living Porgs are very hard to come by so just use one of these cool new Porg Pie Birds from Le Creuset instead.

These adorable stoneware pie birds are based on the curious little Porg birds from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and are used in the same way as a traditional pie bird. Just place it in the center of a pie on top of the bottom crust, add your favorite pie filling around it, and then place your top crust over it all with a small slit in the center to allow the Porg head to pop up through. As it the pie bakes, excess steam will be released from it's open mouth and your pie will come out extra crispy with the filling still inside and not boiled out over the side. Creative Star Wars merchandising at its finest once again!


  • This watchful Porg stands guard over your home-baked pie, preventing boil-overs and soggy crusts
  • Hollow stoneware bird vents moisture from pies as they bake, elevating the top crust and preventing filling from bubbling over
  • Releases steam so pies bake evenly, with a crisp-tender crust
  • Porg pie bird celebrates the inquisitive little creatures that live on the planet of Ach-To, located in the Unknown Regions of the Star Wars galaxy
  • Non-porous stoneware will not absorb food odors or flavors
  • Durable porcelain enamel-glaze finish is easy to clean and resists chips, scratches, and stains
  • Oven safe to 500° F
  • Microwave, broiler, and freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Size: 1.5" Diameter x 5" H

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