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Modernist Cuisine Baking Steel

Modernist Cuisine Baking Steel

Modernist Cuisine Baking Steel

This cool new Modernist Cuisine Baking Steel is an innovative and versatile steel baking "stone" made from a solid alloy with a thermal conductivity 18X greater than regular ceramic pizza stones. Not only can you replicate the high heat wood-fired oven experience when baking crispy pizzas and breads in a traditional oven, but it also can be used on induction cooktops as a griddle, on the grill as a cooking surface, or be chilled in the freezer for use as a cold plate. This plate of 3/8 inch pre-seasoned steel is virtually indestructible and won't shatter or crack either.

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  • Solid alloy baking surface has a thermal conductivity (k) 18 times greater than that of a ceramic pizza stone
  • Plate of 3/8 inch steel holds enough heat to cook several pizzas to perfection in rapid succession.
  • Pizzas cook faster and crispier
  • Make Neapolitan-style pizzas with golden-brown, blistered crust in only 4 minutes
  • Works as a griddle on induction cooktops
  • Chill it in the freezer for a few hours, and use it as a cold plate
  • Virtually indestructable - Wont shatter or crack
  • Preseasoned and easy to clean
  • For home ovens (gas and electric), stovetops and grills
  • Size: 16" W x 14" L x 3/8" D - 22 lbs

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