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Nordic Ware Yule Log Cake Pan

Nordic Ware Yule Log Cake Pan

Nordic Ware Yule Log Cake Pan

The Yule Log is traditional European Christmas decoration going way back to pagan times, where a specially selected log is burnt on the hearth or in a bonfire or just decorated to celebrate the winter season. A tastier version of this tradition is to simply bake a festive log-shaped cake. This cool new Yule Log Cake Pan from Nordic Ware lets you bake up cakes, breads, desserts, or even savory dishes like a meatloaf in the shape of a highly detailed yule log adorned with holly leaves and berries. It's made in the USA from heavy-duty, thick-walled cast-aluminum with a premium nonstick surface, has a generous 9 cup capacity, and provides superior thermal conduction to ensure uniform, even cooking. It's perfect for holiday parties and gatherings or just anytime you want to enjoy tasty foods shaped like a log.

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