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Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan

Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan

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This Halloween, no matter whether you're hosting a sinister soiree for all your friends and fiends or just up late watching old horror movies on TV, whip up some terrifying treats with this cool new Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan. This nonstick, cast aluminum pan bakes 8 scary monster face-shaped mini cakelets: vampire, Frankenstein's monster, werewolf, mummy, witch, gill man, jack-o'-lantern, and a cat. It can also be used to make monster-faced pizza rolls, jello, ice cubes, lava cakes, cookies, brownie bites, and more. Best of all, this spooky bakeware is made in the USA to last through many, many Halloweens to come, unlike those cheap Transylvanian-made cakelet pans.

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Giant Inflatable Furry Black Cat
A massive 8 foot inflatable feline for your front lawn, complete with a furry plush coat, glowing eyes, and an animated head that turns to look around.
Lighted Halloween Staked Hands
A set of 6 spooky severed hands (unfortunately, not from real corpses) that seem to reach out from the Earth and illuminate as markers along your driveway or path.
An eerie four foot tall pillar tombstone that rocks back and forth with a rock scraping sound to complete the illusion that the undead are trying to escape their graves.
Halloween Blood Bag Drink Pouches
This set of ten highly realistic blood bags are perfect for filling up with dark blood red cocktails, red wine, actual blood (vampires only), or any other fun and/or disturbing colorful drinks.
Bone Yard Ceramic Hurricanes
These glazed terra cotta candle hurricanes are shaped like pillars of gruesome skulls that let the flickering candlelight escape through their empty eye sockets.
Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Foam Beer Can Holder
This spooky orange insulated foam can holder looks like a smiling jack o' lantern on one side and has the the phrase Get Smashed on the other.
Gigantic Inflatable Beetlejuice with Rotating Carousel and Hammer Arms
This towering 12 ft tall inflatable depicts Beetlejuice rising up with a rotating carousel on his head and hammer arms to launch the Living into the afterlife.
The Exorcist Puking Wine Bottle Pourer
At your next Halloween party or victory from exorcizing a vicious demon, pour wine or even holy water through the mouth of this Exorcist Puking Bottle Pourer.
Terrifying 8 Foot Tall Towering Reapers
These massive and quite terrifying ghostly figures have sinister white glowing eyes, posable arms, and can be height adjusted up to 8 feet tall.

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Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan
Be sure to eat these tasty ancient warriors before they slice and dice the other gingerbread men and try to assassinate you as well. On second thought, Ninjas are simply to dangerous in any form!
Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan
When it's time to make muffins, cupcakes or other little desserts, forget using those hard to peel off paper baking cups and muffin pans and just use these cool new nonstick and oven safe baking cups made from premium quality silicone.
Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan
This whimsical nonstick, carbon steel baking mold lets you bake up a loaf of homemade bread in the shape of a cat head with pointy ears.
Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan
This cast aluminum pan with a premium nonstick finish bakes and molds brownies into the shape of one giant chocolate bar. When baked, the brownie can then be broken into a dozen individual pieces, each embossed with the word chocolate.
Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan
The ultimate solution for all you brownie lovers out there who just can't seem to master slicing with a knife.
Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan
A round, flexible, and ultra non-stick sheet pan liner for baking up gourmet homemade pizzas, artisan breads, cookies, cakes, pies, flatbreads, and more with optimal browning and heat conduction - no oils, sprays, grease, butter, or parchment paper required.
Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan
How many times have you reached carefully into a hot oven, only to accidentally touch or brush up against a screaming hot metal oven rack and burn your your arm or hand? It's so easy to do and it happens to me all the time. I found a cool new solution to these searing oven rack burns, the Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards.
Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan
A convenient three-tiered oven rack that allows you to bake up to three heavy casserole dishes or pies alongside a large roasting pan.
Nordic Ware Monster Mask Cakelet Pan
What happens to cute little gingerbread men when they get bitten into by a zombie? They turn into zombies too of course.

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