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Faux Pumpkins - Realistic, No Mess, Flameless, Carvable!

Faux Pumpkins - Realistic, No Mess, Flameless, Carvable!

Faux Pumpkins - Realistic, No Mess, Flameless, Carvable!

I know it's the middle of summer and we are still quite a few days away from the spooky and evil chilling days of Halloween, however it is Friday the 13th in middle of July. Maybe these cool new Faux Pumpkins will at least give you some early Halloween decorating ideas.

The problem with real pumpkins is having to scoop out that nasty, sticky, stringy, seedy, mess. It's disgusting, but they say it's part of the experience, whatever. Another problem is that award-winning pumpkin masterpiece that took you hours to carve has now begun to rot away and will most likely end up in a landfill with millions of others just like it. Finally, the worst thing about real pumpkins is simply picking one out. It's hard to find one that has that perfect shape and when you do, it's usually all messed up or crooked on the other side. Worst case, you finally find one you like and that stupid vine handle thing on top breaks right off.

Unlike real pumpkins, Faux Pumpkins are just that... completely fake, but completely realistic. Not only are they reusable year after year, safer to use indoors and out with the included flameless flickering LED tea light and fully weather-resistant, they also carve just like the real thing, with none of the gooey mess! Available in two sizes: tall and round, both perfectly shaped.

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