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Scary Animatronic Sitting Scarecrow - Hands Out Candy and Terror!

Scary Animatronic Sitting Scarecrow - Hands Out Candy and Terror!

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When you see a spooky scarecrow that's not in the cornfield, is sitting on a chair on a front porch, and is looking down like it's sleeping, then you might want to think twice about trying to snatch the candy from the bowl in its lap. I learned my lesson when I came across this cool new Animatronic Sitting Scarecrow at one of the local Spirit Halloween stores. I knew it was going to do something when I reached into the motion-activated bowl, but I'll admit it, I jumped back quite startled when this thing instantly sprung to life, sat up, and screamed at me... and then cackled menacingly as it looked back down and waited for its next victim. Anyways, if it can startle me with mild fright along with any pesky crow lurking about, then I'm sure you'll have hordes of terrified little trick-or-treaters running down your driveway screaming for their lives too this Halloween. Check out the video below that I shot myself... if you dare!

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