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Octopus Beverage Tub

Octopus Beverage Tub

Octopus Beverage Tub

At your next epic gathering, no matter whether it's on a yacht, at a beach house, deep down in your underwater supervillain lair, or just in your normal home that hopefully has an aquarium, provide your guests with plenty of ice cold refreshments in this cool new Octopus Beverage Tub. This nautical and somewhat intimidating beverage tub is held aloft from the eight arms of a huge octopus base below it. It's crafted from rustproof aluminum with an aged brass finish, has a generous sized ice tub, and can be used indoors or out. I'm sure that octopus is friendly, now go grab me another cold one... muahahaha!

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  • Beverage tub with octopus base
  • Give your patio or kitchen a seaside update with the Strong Octopus Beverage Tub
  • Crafted with a strong octopus who greets your visitors every time they grab a drink
  • Beverage tub makes for beautiful coastal kitchen decor
  • Rustproof aluminum with antique brass finish
  • Can withstand the test of time whether you use it indoors or outside.
  • 17 inch diameter beverage tub
  • Size: 29.5" W x 22.5" D x 14.5" H

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