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Wicked Big Sports Supersized Flip Cup Game

Wicked Big Sports Supersized Flip Cup Game

Wicked Big Sports Supersized Flip Cup Game


In the classic flip cup game, chugging a beer is the easy part and flipping the cup over afterwards is the tough part, but that sort of gets reversed when you play the game with the super-sized party cups found in this cool new Wicked Big Sports Flip Cup Game. The rules of the game consist of two teams of four players going head to head in a relay race where each player chugs the cup of beer in front of them, flips the cup over on to its rim when empty, and this repeats down the line until there's a winner. The gigantic party cups in this version of the game hold about a gallon of beer each, but I guess you don't have to fill them all the way. The game includes 8 wicked big cups (4 red and 4 white) and they all stack for compact storage. Please drink and flip cups responsibly!

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  • Classic Flip Cup but BIGGER and BETTER!
  • Includes 8 wicked big cups – 4 red and 4 white
  • Drink, flip, repeat!
  • Perfect for one on one play or relay team style
  • Portable as cups stack together for easy carry
  • Perfect to play Outdoor, Tailgating, Beach, Yard Games, Camping, and more
  • Size: 12" T x 7.75" Diameter

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