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Granita Frozen Drink Maker

Granita Frozen Drink Maker

Granita Frozen Drink Maker

When you have a ton of people over for parties, get-togethers, holidays, whatever, wouldn't a professional quality frozen drink dispenser be essential? It's just too hot this summer to keep making margaritas, daiquiris and other assorted mixed drinks for everyone, let them get there own. There's only one solution for a situation like this, the Granita Frozen Drink Maker. This extremely durable stainless steel unit has two four-gallon bowls for two different types of drinks, chilled or frozen, and features a powerful 20-amp motor to power the horizontal mix agitators that keep the drinks properly mixed and refreshing. Convenience and quality doesn't come cheap, this will set you back a staggering $2,499.00!

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  • Stainless steel drink maker is incredibly durable
  • Dispense chilled and frozen beverages at the same time
  • Adjustable mode sets preferred consistency
  • 24-hour programmable timer keeps beverages chilled at 40°
  • Drink mixer features a powerful 20-amp motor
  • Horizontal mix agitator and two four-gallon bowls ensure refreshing beverages for hours
  • Appliance senses when dispensers are low and alerts you to replenish

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