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Chambong - Enjoy Rapid Champagne Consumption

Chambong - Enjoy Rapid Champagne Consumption

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For some reason we all formally sit around sipping champagne and try to act as refined as possible, but now you can let loose and savagely down a glass of the bubbly just like you're chugging from a frat house beer bong with this cool new Chambong Glass. This fun champagne glass has a hollow stem that's bent off to the side allowing you and your guests to rapidly consume a glass of champagne, sparkling wine, beer if you must, or anything you wish in one quick gulp. Just tilt it to the side, fill it up, drink from the stem, celebrate, and repeat (responsibly!). Truly, it's the snobbier way to enjoy a great party.

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Chambong - Enjoy Rapid Champagne Consumption
Do you wake up every morning with a mighty thirst before battling the day like a true warrior?
Chambong - Enjoy Rapid Champagne Consumption
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Chambong - Enjoy Rapid Champagne Consumption
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Chambong - Enjoy Rapid Champagne Consumption
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Chambong - Enjoy Rapid Champagne Consumption
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Chambong - Enjoy Rapid Champagne Consumption
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Chambong - Enjoy Rapid Champagne Consumption
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Chambong - Enjoy Rapid Champagne Consumption
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Chambong - Enjoy Rapid Champagne Consumption
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