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HexCup - Hexagon-Shaped Beer Pong Cups

HexCup - Hexagon-Shaped Beer Pong Cups

HexCup - Hexagon-Shaped Beer Pong Cups

I've never put too much thought into the typical red party cups used in a game of beer pong, but it seems anything can be vastly improved. This cool new HexCup Beer Pong Set includes 22 hexagon-shaped cups that are designed to easily re-rack, setup in different shape configurations, and be gapless for quicker, more fun games. These reusable, dishwasher safe hexagon party cups feature re-enforced lips and corners to resist splitting, unique shaped bottoms that break the surface tension to prevent moving around on a wet table, and double as actual cups for chugging down beers. The set also includes 3 ping pong balls. Check out this VIDEO to see the world's greatest beer pong cups in action.

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  • HexCup - world's best beer pong cups
  • Includes 22 hexagon cups and 3 ping pong balls
  • Patented, honeycomb-inspired, hexagonal design for a perfect beer pong rack every time
  • Perfect Re-racks in 1/4 the Time With No Gaps
  • No Ghosting (movement during play)
  • Specially designed bottom to prevent cups from floating/ghosting on wet surfaces
  • No more gaps in between cups make for quicker games, more fun
  • Durable plastic resists cracking with re-enforced lip and corners to resist splitting
  • Reusable - Top rack dishwasher safe

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