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Emergency Batarangs

Emergency Batarangs

Emergency Batarangs

When super-villains, evildoers, and other assorted criminal masterminds come to to your neighborhood to inflict some no good, be prepared like the ultimate caped crusader with this collection of Emergency Batarangs. Whether you're a fan of Batman himself or just superhero vigilante justice, this fun display case filled with three super sharp Batarangs should bring a little peace of mind. Each of the Batarangs are handmade from stainless steel with a black oxide surface process and are securely encased in an accessible shadow box display perfect for your home, office, man cave, or BatCave. Again, these bat weapons are functional, sharp, and meant only for display purposes, so don't be hero, just send up the Bat Signal or call your friendly neighborhood police if the need arises.

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