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Marble Machine Orchestra

Marble Machine Orchestra

If you think that old-fashioned orchestrion music machines, player pianos, and one man bands are amazing, then prepare to be blown away with this cool new Marble Machine Orchestra. This luxurious mechanical music machine is hand-built in Sweden and uses falling marbles to generate incredible symphonies. To use it, simply turn the hand crank to set the flywheel into motion which manipulates the marbles through a series of gears, pulleys, tracks, lifting fingers, and funnels. As the marbles fall, they strike various instruments like a vibraphone, four strings of an electric bass guitar, a kick drum, a snare drum, a hi hat, a one-stringed modulin, and a sizzle cymbal which are all controlled via a series of levers that can be turned on or off. Hmm, it may be a bit too pricey for most, but I could definitely see this being used as a crazy cool musical instrument in a concert or other live performance. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action. Cool huh?


  • Mechanical musical apparatus made in Sweden that generates mellifluous melodies with a multitude of marbles
  • Gears, pulleys, tracks, lifting fingers, and funnels work in concert to generate a precisely timed release of marbles which strike instruments
  • Entire operation begins by turning the handcrank to set the 18" flywheel into motion
  • Flywheel stores rotational energy and provides the musician a way to keep even time
  • Works similar to a music box - marbles strike the keys of a built-in vibraphone, four strings of an electric bass guitar, a kick drum, snare drum, hi hat, one-
  • stringed modulin, and a sizzle cymbal
  • Operator pushes/pulls a series of levers to activate/deactivate a particular instrument
  • Programming wheel contains a 64-bar loop, which makes the device similar in operation to the Orchestrions of yesteryear
  • Each machine is custom built and may vary from picture
  • Constructed from birch plywood and steel
  • Size: 80" H x 43" W x 36" D - 300 lbs

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