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Self-Contained Autonomous Mechanical Band

Self-Contained Autonomous Mechanical Band

Self-Contained Autonomous Mechanical Band

Jukeboxes, player pianos, one man bands, and actual bands are nowhere near as fun as this cool new Self-Contained Autonomous Mechanical Band. Inside this oak cabinet are 17 actual musical instruments ranging from guitars, drums, and banjos to woodblocks, tambourines, and cowbells that are all computer-controlled and played using precisely calibrated pneumatics. Just choose one of 13,000 MIDI, MP3, and karaoke songs from the touchscreen and sit back in total awe as it gets played for you live by this luxurious contraption. The only downside, it's $54,000. Still cool though.

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  • Autonomous mechanical band
  • 17 instruments built into its cabinet to generate a verifiable shin-dig
  • Stores 13,000 MIDI, MP3, and Karaoke songs that are selected using a 15" touchscreen interface
  • Precisely calibrated pneumatics strum and pluck strings while thumping and tapping drums
  • Rhythm section relies on a bass and snare drum, augmented by 12 auxiliary percussion instruments, including bongos, agogos, woodblocks, tambourine, maracas, cowbell, and a ride, crash, and splash cymbal
  • Full-size guitar and banjo provide the melody
  • 10 music categories, including big band, rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass, children’s songs, and more
  • Bass synthesizer adds plenty of bottom for each tune
  • Handcrafted oak cabinet
  • Size: 79" H x 48" W x 25" D - 275 lbs

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