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Handy Camel - Large Bag Clips

Handy Camel - Large Bag Clips

Handy Camel - Large Bag Clips


The cool new Handy Camel is a tight sealing clip and convenient carrying handle for large bags, such as potting soil, fertilizer, pet food, ice salt, bird seed, BBQ charcoal, and more. Just slide it around the bag's opening, clip it shut, and the round teeth inside securely grip the bag without tearing it, while the ratchet locking system creates a tight spillproof seal. As handy as this would be for various household projects and pets, it's also great if you have a massive bag of potato chips. Check out the demo below to see it in action.

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  • Giant bag clip made for bird seed, pet food, fertilizer, ice salt, potting soil, kitty litter, farm animal feed, and even charcoal for the BBQ
  • Clip opens at the side and slides onto bag to keep contents secure
  • A tight seal is created by the ratchet locking system
  • Inside has round teeth to grip the bag without tearing it
  • Provides a handy way to store and carry large bags
  • It carries, it stores, and it pours

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