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The World's Smallest Violin

The World's Smallest Violin

The World's Smallest Violin

The next time you're subjected to someone whining, complaining, and pushing their endless tales of trivial woes upon you, forgo playing the world's smallest violin to them with your fingers and do it with the real thing using this cool new World's Smallest Violin. This highly detailed, handcrafted miniature violin is only 3" long and comes complete with strings, chin rest, bridge, and a wooden body and includes a miniature hinged instrument case line with red velvet, a stand, and a bow. While it's not actually a playable violin, it's still hilarious to have on hand for whipping out at just the right moment.

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  • Highly detailed miniature replica of a violin
  • Handcrafted Miniature Violin is completely detailed with strings, chin rest, bridge, and wooden body
  • Includes a miniature instrument case, stand, and bow
  • Hinged case with red velveteen interior
  • This is a finely handcrafted musical instrument replica decor piece
  • Great detail and craftsmanship in the design and production.
  • Size: 3.15" x 1.18" x 0.59"

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