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TannenBomb - Prank Holiday Ornament

TannenBomb - Prank Holiday Ornament

TannenBomb - Prank Holiday Ornament

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Add a little festive mischief to your holidays when you hang this evil TannenBomb - Prank Holiday Ornament on the Christmas tree. It may look like an ordinary tree ornament, but when it's hung, the weight silently triggers a switch and it begins to emit random annoying sounds at completely random intervals. Will your victims ever figure out where all the irritating beeps, mosquito tones, chirping crickets and elf giggles are coming from? Makes a great gift too, since it comes in a stealth inner gift box that gives no indication of its sinister, prank nature. *evil laugh*


  • A tree ornament with a special surprise
  • Weight of the ornament when hanging on the tree silently triggers the on switch
  • Emits random annoying sounds at random intervals
  • - Beeps
  • - Mosquito tone (ultra high frequency nerve grating sound)
  • - Christmas cricket
  • - Elf giggle
  • Perfect gift for your boss, annoying coworkers, and "riends
  • Comes in a double box: an outer box with prank directions, and a festive stealth inner gift box which gives no indication of its prank nature.
  • Fits any standard Christmas tree

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