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Rick Roll QR Code Bumper Sticker Prank

Rick Roll QR Code Bumper Sticker Prank

Rick Roll QR Code Bumper Sticker Prank


Did you already scan the QR code above before even reading the title? Then you've been Rick Rolled... and it's probably not the first time. A Rick Roll is an old time classic Internet meme / prank where unsuspecting victims follow a link online only to end up watching Rick Astley's 1987 music video Never Gonna Give You Up instead. The music video now has well over a billion views and you can help contribute to that when you stick this cool new Rick Roll QR Code Bumper Sticker to your vehicle's rear bumper. Curious people who notice this plain-looking 5 inch QR code will scan it with their phone without thinking and then loudly sigh as they realize that they've been Rick Rolled once again. It doesn't even have to go on your bumper, because you can stick it just about anywhere and still have a laugh at this old school prank.

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