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3D Vampire Bat Air Freshener - Blood Orange Scented

3D Vampire Bat Air Freshener - Blood Orange Scented

3D Vampire Bat Air Freshener - Blood Orange Scented

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Bats may have gotten a really bad rap in 2020, but these cool little winged creatures are still experts in mosquito and flying insect pest control, help to pollinate plants, spread seeds, and drop valuable fertilizer (guano), transform into bloodthirsty vampires, hunt their prey using sonar-like echolocation, inspire a certain caped crusader to rid the world of crime, and add the perfect spooky vibe to the Halloween season. They can also help rid cars, caves, belfries, and bio-research labs from obnoxious odors when this cool new 3D Vampire Bat Air Freshener is hung up. Unlike a boring old pine tree air freshener, this 3D flying bat-shaped one has a real presence while flapping around your vehicle's rearview mirror and smells like aromatic blood oranges. Keep in mind, just like real bats, this fun scented one is not for munching on either.


  • 3D bat air freshener for your car, bat cave, or belfry
  • Comes in two easily-assembled pieces
  • Smells like blood orange
  • Let other people have their pine tree air fresheners while you celebrate the bat
  • These underrated animals not only eat insects and look cool, but could also be a transformed vampire in search of prey
  • Makes carpooling a little creepier
  • For correct usage, hang this product so that it can swing freely
  • String for hanging included
  • Size: 4.5" x 8"

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