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Fresh Cut Pine Firestarters

Fresh Cut Pine Firestarters

Fresh Cut Pine Firestarters

Having trouble getting your fireplace or outdoor fire pit going? Then check out these cool new Fresh Cut Pine Firestarters from Northern Lights. These easy to light fire-starting pods are made from scented soy wax and cardboard and burn for around 30 minutes, which should be enough time to get your fire started while you enjoy the fresh cut pine scent. Each package contains 10 pods that are made in the USA and are also available in Cinnamon, Citronella, Coffee, Maple Bacon (Mmm!), S'mores, and boring old Unscented.

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  • Each pod burns for 30 minutes
  • Materials: fragrance, soy wax, recycled cardboard
  • Size: 10" L x 4.5" W
  • Each kit contains 10 firestarter pods
  • Scents: Fresh Cut Pine, Cinnamon, Citronella, Coffee, Fresh Cut Pine, Maple Bacon, Smores, and Unscented
  • Instructions: Remove pods from package. Break off one pod and place in fireplace. Place wood around the pod. Light any corner of the pod to start fire.
  • Made in Wellsville, New York USA

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