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Icelandic Lava Stone and Moss Candles

Icelandic Lava Stone and Moss Candles

Bring a bit of natural beauty from Iceland into your home with these cool new Icelandic Lava Stone and Moss Candles. These beautiful scented candles are handmade in Iceland from clean-burning soy wax, genuine Icelandic moss or lava stones, and rowan berries, have an apple / cinnamon scent, and burn for up to 80 hours. Best of all, only recoverable power resources were used to craft these truly unique candles.


  • Handmade candle made from high quality pure soy wax, Icelandic moss or lava stones, and rowan berries
  • Every candle represents a little bit of Iceland's natural beauty - no two candles are alike.
  • Apple / Cinnamon scent
  • 80 Hour Burn Time
  • The packaging is made of recycled, unbleached carton
  • Only recoverable power resources have been used in the making of these candles
  • Materials: soy wax, natural wick, unbleached carton, lava stones or Icelandic moss, rowan berries, recoverable power
  • Each clean-burning, long lasting candle is Earth-friendly and 100% biodegradable
  • Size: 4" Diameter x 3" T

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