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Ceramic Lemon Fragrance Diffuser

Ceramic Lemon Fragrance Diffuser

Ceramic Lemon Fragrance Diffuser

I don't know what it is, but I love the clean, fresh scent of lemon in the kitchen and this cool new Ceramic Lemon Fragrance Diffuser is a great way to unleash it. Just fill this lemon-shaped ceramic diffuser with the included Meyer Lemon Essential Oil and the stem of the lemon will draw up and release the citrusy fragrance into the air. It's functional kitchen sculpture.



  • A functional work of art for your kitchen
  • Fill the ceramic sculpture with Meyer Lemon Essential Oil and enjoy the uplifting aroma of fresh citrus
  • Stem of the lemon will draw the fragrance into the air
  • Includes: ceramic lemon fragrance diffuser, 4-oz. bottle of Meyer Lemon Essential Oil fragrance

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