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Creepy Bat Candelabra

Creepy Bat Candelabra

Creepy Bat Candelabra

While bats aren't exactly as blind as made out to be, they do have really poor eyesight. So in addition to using state-of-the-art bio sonar echolocation to help them see and hunt better, apparently they also hold up candles as depicted by this cool new and quite creepy Bat Candelabra from Katherine's Collection. This frightful Halloween candelabra features three highly realistic winged bats rising up from a mossy, tree-like trunk, each carrying a battery-powered faux taper candle. These spooky handcrafted bats have hand-painted faces, jeweled red-beady eyes, fabric wings, and furry neck scruff and the base is weighted just in case they come to life and try to flap away into the night. Perfect for your haunted home's Halloween decor or all year long deep down in your secret dungeon laboratory or bat cave.

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