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Nested Votive Candle Box

Nested Votive Candle Box

Nested Votive Candle Box

This cool new Nested Votive Candle Box is a beautiful arrangement of nine frosted glass votive candles surrounded by natural moss all contained within a handcrafted dark-stained wooden crate. Perfect as a dining table or coffee table centerpiece, especially if you happen to live in a fairy tale cottage in the woods. Also available as a Wooden Trough and 4 Candle Box sizes as well.

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  • Emanating from a lush landscape, soft light creates a subtly serene ambiance
  • Nine frosted glass votive candles form a sleekly lit centerpiece
  • Surrounded by natural moss
  • Dark stained hand crafted wood box
  • Size: 10" x 10" x 6"

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