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Massive 7 Foot Tall Animatronic Nightmare Harvester

Massive 7 Foot Tall Animatronic Nightmare Harvester

Massive 7 Foot Tall Animatronic Nightmare Harvester

If you thought scarecrows were creepy, then stay far, far away from this cool new Nightmare Harvester from Spirit Halloween. This king of all scarecrows, who may also be genetically mixed with a haunted tree, is a towering 7 foot tall animatronic talking creature from some horrifying dark cornfield in the realm of nightmares. He sways back and forth while uttering four different terrifying phrases and holds an eerie flickering jack o' lantern up in his gnarled hand. Basically, he just wants your soul! With a built-in motion sensor, he's perfect for "greeting" his trick-or-treating prey this Halloween and I'm sure is a total blast for unleashing evil pranks on random unsuspecting victims year round.

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  • From another world beyond the darkness of the trees emerges the Nightmare Harvester
  • No one dares approach the Nightmare Harvester, unless they wish to be taken away to a world full of nightmares and horrors
  • This towering scarecrow menace has no remorse for human life and will feast upon whomever he pleases
  • 4 distinct voice lines that will make you shiver in your boots
  • This scary Halloween animatronic is perfect for completing your horrifying Halloween scene
  • Saying 1: "Now that you're here and here for good, scream if you must. But you'll never be going home."
  • Saying 2:"I must return from where I came, the price of passage is one human life. You, poor soul, are the one!"
  • Saying 3:"There is another world, a darker world filled with nightmares. Come there with me and we'll not return empty handed."
  • Includes: Animatronic, adapter, volume control, external speaker jack
  • IR sensor activated
  • Step pad compatible (sold separately)
  • Try Me button compatible (sold separately)
  • Fog machine compatible (sold separately)
  • Recommended for use in covered areas
  • Size: 82" H x 18" W x 28" D

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