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Inflatable Ride on a Snail Costume

Inflatable Ride on a Snail Costume

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Have you ever wished that you could shrink down and zoom around very, very slowly on the back of a tiny racing snail? Well, you're kinda weird. However, when in need of a simple yet quite attention-grabbing last minute Halloween costume, this cool new Inflatable Snail Costume from Spooktacular Creations is perfect. Just step in, zip up, and flip on the built-in air pump to complete the inflatable illusion of a whimsical gnome, with beers in each hand, riding around on the shell of a gigantic snail. Use roller skates or a skateboard to better slide around - no slimy snail-trail required

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Inflatable Ride on a Snail Costume
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Inflatable Ride on a Snail Costume
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Inflatable Ride on a Snail Costume
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Inflatable Ride on a Snail Costume
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Inflatable Ride on a Snail Costume
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Inflatable Ride on a Snail Costume
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