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NerdChef Steel Stone - Unbreakable High-Performance Pizza Baking Stone

NerdChef Steel Stone - Unbreakable High-Performance Pizza Baking Stone

NerdChef Steel Stone - Unbreakable High-Performance Pizza Baking Stone

Want to bake up the crispiest crusted pizzas and breads at home without having to build a wood-fired pizzeria oven? Then check out this cool new NerdChef Steel Stone. This unbreakable steel baking stone has 20X the heat conductivity and 2X the heat capacity of a typical ceramic baking stone. It's not only able to deliver the high-performance of a 1000° F oven in a home oven at only 450° F, it's also virtually indestructible. When not baking up perfect pizzas and breads in the oven, it can also be chilled down for use as a cold plate for making ice cream (using dry ice) or just keeping appetizers chilled. This versatile baking stone is precision laser-cut from low carbon American steel, has a low-friction surface, and is available in 3 thicknesses. Doesn't a gourmet homemade pizza with a crispy golden crust and bubbly melted cheese on top sound really good right now?

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  • 20x higher conductivity than ceramic baking stones and twice the heat capacity
  • Gets the great performance of a 1000F oven in a home oven at 450F
  • Sends much more heat energy to your crust
  • Gorgeous crusts, better blistering, and faster cook times
  • Low-friction surface: textured, sanded smooth, seasoned with flaxseed oil
  • 3 thicknesses to choose from
  • The heavier the Steel Stone, the more heat it can hold and transfer to your pizza
  • Put some ice underneath and use it as a cold plate
  • Use dry ice and you can make ice cream directly on top
  • Solid precision laser cut, low carbon American steel, unbreakable, guaranteed for life
  • Leave it in the oven - acts as a heat-sink to regulate temperature when baking everything else
  • Warning: It's heavy!
  • Made in USA
  • Standard Size: 16" x 14.25" x .25" - 16 lbs
  • Pro Size: 16" x 14.25" x .375" - 23 lbs
  • Ultimate Size: 16" x 14.25" x .500" - 32 lbs

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